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K&A Computer Systems

The K&A Process

Your system, our job.

Oh yes, you are curious about the PC world. you probably have some questions like:

"Is getting a PC worth it?"  Yes , "Do I really need a PC?" Yes , "Is it very pricey?" Yes and No. You actually decide how much you are willing to invest. 

Customers can always send their build ideas to our team or "Request a Quote" through our website. One of our team members will reply within 24 hours.

Why K&A

K&A was created with one simple goal in mind. "Transparency".

We believe that honesty and transparency is what drives good business.

Here at K&A we repair, build and optimize any new or used system.

* New builds receive  one courtesy pc cleaning that can be used over a period of 90 days from final build.

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